Friday, September 13, 2013


Chakras are energy centers that mediate life force energy between the energy field, the unified field, other people, the environment, and the physical body.  Through this circulation of energy, chakras nourish the body and its physiological systems, having the greatest energetic influence on the area of the body nearest to its location.  The major chakras are positioned along the central vertical axis of the body, beginning at the perineum ending at the top of the head.

“Chakras are also consciousness centers.  In this capacity, they function as specialized minds, each one overseeing a particular set of life activities and issues.  The chakras open or close, receive, block and transmit energy in accordance to our internal, often unconscious, responses to life experience.  They also record and hold the energy of our emotions, beliefs, and history associated with specific events, situations, or relationships.” (Excerpted from Elizabeth Frediani’s Where Body Meets Soul).

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