Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Importance of Maintaining Chakra Health

The Importance of Maintaining Chakra Health

The energetic health and functioning of a chakra is directly related to one’s consciousness.  A chakra’s condition will reveal a person’s ability – or inability – to express the specific life issues represented by that chakra.  A clear, strong chakra means that within a particular sphere of life activity and self-expression, an individual is healthy, active, and evolving.  A congested, drained, murky, or closed chakra reveals a substantial challenge connected to the life issues corresponding to that energy center.  Any acute or chronic chakra imbalance represents an incomplete, conflicted, suppressed, and/or traumatic life experience.

When a chakra functions at a diminished capacity, vital energy and physical health are impacted.  For this reason, regular chakra clearing and strengthening is an essential part of health maintenance and personal growth.  This can be addressed through self-care and/or through work with a trained practitioner.

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